Organisation: City & Guilds Group

Scope: International

Focus: Coach supervision

Sector: Services (vocational qualifications, learning resources, e-learning and accreditation.)


The City & Guilds Group purpose is to help people, organisations and economies develop their skills for growth. Today, the Group consists of City & Guilds, Gen2, ILM, Kineo, The Oxford Group, Digitalme and e3Learning. Together, its businesses set the standards for corporate learning, on-the-job development, and skills recognition.

Project description: City & Guilds Group businesses such as the Oxford Group and ILM focus on developing leaders. It is not surprising then, that the City & Guilds Group has been investing in both professionally resourced coaching for targeted employees and in developing a small, but well-qualified cohort of internal leadership coaches. Coaching and Mentoring International  provides regular quarterly group supervision sessions, supplemented as needed by one-to-one sessions and other guidance on coaching culture.