Title: Team Coaching Certificate
Date: 27-29th March, 18th-20th June and 15-17th October
Location: Milan
Find here: http://www.schoolofcoaching.it/SCOA-Team-Coaching-Certificate-David-Clutterbuck.pdf


Title: Team coaching foundations program
Date: 9-11th May 2018
Location: Hong Kong
Find here: https://transcend-intl.com/professional-coach-training-and-development/team-coaching-foundations


Title: Team coaching foundations master class
Date: 6-8th June 2018
Location: New York
Find here: http://www.teamcoachingzone.com/team-coaching-foundations/


Title: Team coaching with David Clutterbuck
Date: 25-27th June 2018
Location: Copenhagen
Find here: https://kmpplus.com/team-coaching-with-david-clutterbuck/


Title: Advancing Professional Coaching
Date: 13-15th November 2018
Location: Sydney
Find here: https://teamcoaching.eventbee.com  


Title: Team Coaching Foundation course
Date: 17-19th December 2018
Location: Serbia
Find here: