Territory / Region Belgium
Name of organization InDialogue
Key Contact(s) Germaine Rediger
Brief background on scope of service and customers Function: Professional Coach and Mentor, Leadership en Executive Coaching, Team Coach, Neuro-Semantics Master Trainer, Meta-NLP–Practitioner & Master Practitioner, Trainer in ‘self-actualisation communication,’ Identity Compass Consultant en Aptitude Diagnostics, Self-Actualising Psychology.

Skills and attitude: high level coaching and mentoring skills, excellent multilingual communicator, leader, international perspective, dynamic and pro-active, positive, enthusiastic and loyal.

Job description: experienced Coach and Mentor for public sector small and medium businesses and multinational organisations.

Executive Summary: Coaching and mentoring offers a systematic approach, using cognitive-behavioural, developmental and self-actualisation psychology. From this come numerous practical tools for coaching and mentoring which are ideally suited to the international business and public sector context with its inherent high levels of complexity meta-questioning, matrix framing, and stepping back for quality control. Germaine Rediger has a proven track record in applying this unique methodology for coaching and self-actualisation with a focus on Mentoring, strategic coaching and leadership development.

Address Rood Kruisstraat 48 – 1500 Halle Belgium


Email [email protected]
Website www.metacoachingindialogue.be/nl
Phone +32 474719469
Fax +32 23053545