Territory / Region Hawaii
Name of organization PVA Knowledge Group LLC
Key Contact(s) Donnel Nunes, Principal
Brief background on scope of service and customers PVA Knowledge Group is a Hawaii based consultancy with a focus on the needs of families in business. Our goal is to assist families and their businesses in building and nurturing a culture of shared knowledge between generations.

Our services include:

  • Advising families in business on strategies for sharing knowledge between generations.
  • Helping families and businesses to develop a culture of shared learning through strategically oriented learning plans.
  • Development of family and organizational mentoring programs.
  • Advising for teens, parents, and young adults on how to align higher education with career, family, and personal goals.
  • Ongoing professional coaching and mentoring for students in higher education, emerging professionals, and professionals looking to transition in their career.
  • Organization and facilitation of retreats and workshops for families and organizations.
  • Consulting services for mentoring, educational, and mental health product and program development.
Address 539 Paulele Street, Kailua, HI 96734


Email [email protected]
Website Pvaknowledge.com
Phone 808-554-6509
Fax none