Territory / Region Hungary
Name of organization Coaching Without Borders (CHN) LLC
Key Contact(s) Judit Ábri von Bartheld PCC


Brief background on scope of service and customers Coaching, coaching related trainings

I run an annual program called Coaching Without Borders(CHN) which is an international training program about the latest trends in coaching and leadership development mainly for coaches and HR specialists. I also run the CHN & IBS Leadership Academy which is only for leaders; one day training programs coupled with follow-up coaching in Hungary. I do this in collaboration with the International Business School in Budapest.


I am unique in being the only international (English language) training provider in the area of coaching and leadership development in the form of an annual program composed of one day open workshops in Hungary


Address 119, Királylaki street

1037 Budapest, Hungary



Email [email protected]
Website www.coachinghataroknelkul.hu
Phone 00 36 30 9422 419