Territory / Region Italy – Tuscany – Florence
Name of organization SIM – Scuola Italiana di Mentoring
Key Contact(s) Dr.MatteoPerchiazzi, Director and Founder SIM
Brief background on scope of service and customers SIM is the Italian partner of CMI. SIM group is:
– Association of Networking to promote Mentoring in SME’s
– Cultural and Sport Association to promote Mentoring in sports
– Training agency
– Consulting body
SIM’s activities and services are:
– Consulting in Mentoring (Design and project management, Marketing Strategies, Training of Mentor, Managing communities of practice Mentee – Mentor, Monitoring and evaluation of projects and Programmers’)
– Training courses for Experts in Mentoring and Mentors (Italian Certification )
– Certification SIM (for professionals organizations, training agencies, and consulting)
– Research
– Light Memberships (for clients)
– Certified Pro Memberships (for certified Professionals)
– Body Memberships (for certified organizations )
– Newsletter – Publications
Sectors of intervention: Public Administrations, Companies and SME’s, Public job services and other organizations, Social Services, Sports, Schools and Universities, ONG and social organizations
Address ScuolaItaliana di Mentoring
Sedelegale Via Vaianese 12
S. ElleroReggello
50060 Firenze
Email [email protected]
Website www.scuolaitalianadimentoring.com
Phone +390555392683
Fax +390555392683