Territory / Region Poland
Name of organization Mind Partners
Key Contact(s) Mariola Czechowska-Fraczak
Brief background on scope of service and customers MIND PARTNERSBroad strategic experience at the members of the board level; main projects: the biggest Polish coaching program for 45 Senior Managers – Deloitte; system coaching in Raiffeisen Bank (TOP 50 leaders), introducing coaching/mentoring culture in HP, Johnson& Johnson, TEVA Pharmaceuticals, BRE Bank, Raben Poland, CJ International, Microsoft, Irena Eris, GSK, Sanofi-Aventis, Maersk, Eurocash, Oracle, Grupa Ciech, Saint Gobain, Bank BZWBK.

First Open Mentoring Accademy launched with  British Partner Professor David Clutterbuck

Address 00-429 Warsaw
Email [email protected]
Website www.mindpartners.pl
Phone + 48 601 27 16 61
Fax + 48 22 848 30 61