Territory / Region Romania & Balkans
Name of organization Noosfera
Key Contact(s) Roxana Mocanu
Brief background on scope of service and customers At Noosfera we are passionate about changing the game in business and society.

We support people, teams and organizations towards their transformation, through:

  1. Business leaders (inspired by CMI, SOL)
  2. Human Resources practitioners (inspired by CIPD)

Our vision: to connect the two hemispheres: working together and thinking together; to help people discover their natural inclination in their team (Game Changer, Strategist, Implementer, Polisher, Play Maker) and to maximise their impact in business.

Our values: Togetherness & impact

Our impact:

  • To create a continuous improvement learning culture, based on sharing and networking;
  • To build the future capabilities of the next generation;
  • To unleash the collective intelligence.

Our products:

  1. Mentoring Academy MENTORA 642 (based on EMCC standards)
  2. Award Certificate in Mentoring Practice
  3. Award Certificate for Head of Coaching & Mentoring
  4. In-house Mentoring programme design
  5. Train the Mentors. Train the Mentees

Our credo: “Good business is a thousand everyday conversations.”

Address 14 Zaril Str., Sect. 5, Bucharest, Romania
Email [email protected]
Website www.noosfera.ro
Phone +44 21 314 88 00
Fax +44 21 314 88 00