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The Leader’s Guide to Being Coached

The value of good, timely coaching is immense, leaving a positive impact on you as an individual, your team and your organisation. While many leaders have some experience of coaching, much – if not most – only achieves part of what it could. Reasons are varied, but include the client not knowing what good coaching looks and feel like; unclear objectives; the ‘wrong’ kind of coach, or wrong level of experience; unrealistic expectations; personality clash or cultural mismatch. This short guide aims to equip you, the leader, with the insight to select the right coach for yourself, to know when to move on, and to maximise the value you get from your coaching sessions.

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The Art of Mentoring

The Art of Mentoring is an online multi-media application for the education and support of people in mentoring relationships. The training uses a combination of instruction, mentoring demonstrations, interviews with experienced mentors and mentees, reading materials, exercises as well as handy tools and forms to download and use. The multi-media format is engaging, easy to follow and most importantly, simple and easy to use. Duration: 40-90 minutes. Developed by Art of Mentoring in conjunction with Prof David Clutterbuck, this online training is suitable for organisations that want to improve the quality and effectiveness of mentoring relationships between their employees or members, and who want to provide high quality training and support at low cost. Contact us for a bulk purchase price.

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Self-assessment guide for the International Standards for Mentoring Programmes in Employment

The ISMPE are the global standards for mentoring programmes. This guide, written by the project manager overseeing the development of the standards, provides step by step advice on how to bring together the evidence required to achieve the bronze, silver or gold award. It is also useful as a practical tool to support the design of a world class mentoring programme.

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Powerful questions for coaches and mentors

David Clutterbuck has been described as the master of the powerful question. In this unique resource, he summarises his research into what makes a powerful question and how to shape it for maximum effect. The core of the resource is a database of powerful questions, arranged around some 70 themes that coaches and mentors encounter frequently, from client procrastination (“when would be the best time to procrastinate about this?”) to delegation (“who else’s job are you doing as well as your own?”)

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Powerful questions for team coaches

The sequel to Powerful Questions for Coaches and Mentors, this new volume explores a wide range of situations encountered by team coaches and offers both practical guidance and a selection of questions designed to make teams think deeply. An essential companion for experienced and beginner team coaches alike.

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Making the most of developmental mentoring

The comprehensive guide for mentors and mentees. Straightforward, easy to use and practical, but highly authoritative and based on the latest research into good practice. Written by David Clutterbuck. Ideal both as a manual for participants in formal mentoring programmes and as a “how to” for individual mentors and mentees.

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How to write your first book

As a veteran author or co-author of more than 50 professional books, David  Clutterbuck has a deep insight into the processes of writing a book and getting published. He has also worked as a publisher and is therefore able to bring insights from a publisher’s perspective. This book offers practical guidance from deciding whether you really want to write a book, through whether and how to work with co-authors, finding a publisher, completing the writing, and marketing your book.

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beyondgoalsBeyond Goals
Susan David, David Clutterbuck & David MegginsonHow important is it for coaches and mentors to work with SMART goals? This evidence-based book, with contributions from leading authorities from the worlds of coaching, mentoring, goal theory and motivational theory, reveals that setting, pursuing and achieving goals is much more complex than simplistic models, such as GROW suggest. It provides a comprehensive and deep perspective on the nature androle of goals in coaching and mentoring, along with practical guidance on how to work with indeterminate and evolving goals. Click here to buy the book.
proreal.co.ukProReal offers people a tool to create a 3D visual representation of their world, or a specific situation, and then explain it to others through story, metaphor, symbols and social mapping. Most communication in management, coaching and therapy has historically been through the written or verbal word, yet many people think, create and remember in pictures. The interactive landscape can be viewed from the creator’s perspective or that of any other individuals represented there. You can even fly over the scene to gain a bird’s eye view. It can be shared with others – a coach, their manager, a team or a business consultant – to offer insight and stimulate conversation. Together, individuals and their colleagues or advisors can use the scenario to clarify understanding, share ideas, identify problems and consider options for change and development. The software is being actively used for a range of applications including remote coaching, employee engagement, leadership development and counselling and therapy support.
Coachmaster Logo-2
MentorMaster/CoachMaster is the world’s first tool to facilitate real time mentoring and coaching for individuals and teams.The software works by providing a structure for the mentoring/coaching discussion based on the stage of relationship or the type of issue. There are currently four mentoring question sets and 18 for different types of coaching situations. The software is completely browser based, secure, can easily be translated into different languages or modified to deal with cultural or organisationally specific issues. Organisations can also create processes for their own coaches and mentors.Using the built in questions and structure a mentor or coach can guide an individual or a team through all the stages of a learning discussion to a conclusion. CoachMaster™ supports text, phone video or face to face interactions and provides reports on the number, timings and participants in sessions while summaries are automatically emailed to all participants. It is a GPS for mentoring and coaching.
ENGAGE is an online coaching diagnostic. Designed specifically for developmental purposes it enables organizations to capturereturn on investment data and measure the impact of their learning and development strategies.Key Features

  • Takes 10-15 minutes to complete
  • Based on scientific empirical evidence
  • Provides a clear, easy to follow coaching template
  • Offers a psychological insight for the non-psychologist
  • Measures the impact of development, capturing return on investment data
  • Complements andintegrates with existing tools and approaches
  • A highly flexible diagnostic tool which can be used at all levels and grades
  • 3 reports available