Everyone needs a mentor
The best-selling, classic book on mentoring. The fifth edition includes major additions, including a case study appendix and a new chapter on multi-country mentoring programmes. An essential guide for anyone aiming to set up a mentoring programme or work with mentors and mentees.

Learning Alliances
David Clutterbuck

Explores the interaction between five different styles of helping to learn: traditional coaching, advising/guiding, networking, career counselling and mentoring.

Techniques for coaching and mentoring
David Megginson & David Clutterbuck

An extensive collection of practical tools and techniques to enhance coaches’ and mentors’ portfolio of responses to client issues.

Further techniques for coaching and mentoring
David Megginson & David Clutterbuck

Yet more tools, techniques and approaches for developing the capability of coaches and mentors.

Coaching and Mentoring Supervision
Tatiana Bachkirova, Elaine Cox & David Clutterbuck

The first book to address the full spectrum of coaching and mentoring supervision – both how to do it and how to use it. It explores a wide range of approaches to supervision, drawing on multiple theoretical models, including psychodynamics, Gestalt, transactional analysis and systems thinking. Supported with practical cases studies and evaluation of the pluses and minuses of different approaches.

Complete Handbook of Coaching
Elaine Cox, Tatiana Bachkirova & David Clutterbuck

A comprehensive guide to coaching theories, approaches and settings. It explores the spectrum of theoretical traditions of coaching, numerous coaching contexts (developmental, life, executive, peer, team and career coaching) and professional issues.

Successful Diversity Mentoring Programmes
David Clutterbuck, Kirsten M. Poulsen & Fran Kochan

Overview of good practice in using mentoring to achieve diversity and equal opportunity objectives. Includes case studies from around the world and helping training techniques, such as the diversity awareness ladder.

The Mentor+Guide to mentoring programmes
Kirsten M. Poulsen

Implementing Mentoring Schemes
David Clutterbuck & Nadine Klasen

A highly practical examination of how to design and run successful mentoring programmes.

Mentoring and Diversity
David Clutterbuck and Belle Rose Ragins

Case book and review of research into using mentoring to support diversity and equal opportunity objectives.

The Situational Mentor
David Clutterbuck & Gill Lane

An in-depth examination of the competencies of effective mentors and mentees, this book explores what makes mentoring relationships work at each phase of their evolution. Includes and detailed study of relationship endings.

Coaching the Team at Work
David Clutterbuck

The first substantive book on team coaching. Essential reading for any coach intending to extend their practice from one-to-one coaching to coaching intact work teams. Links theory closely to practice, with many useful tools and approaches.

Making coaching work: Creating a coaching culture
David Clutterbuck & David Megginson

The first substantive book on coaching culture. Contains analysis of good practice from a range of organisations, case studies and survey tools to assess coaching culture.

Virtual coach, virtual mentor
David Clutterbuck & Zulfi Hussain

The first in-depth analysis of remote coaching, using distance media. Analysis of pluses and minuses of different media, practical advice on managing distance coaching and mentoring and a wide range of case studies.

Mentoring executives and directors
David Clutterbuck & David Megginson

Mentoring in Action
Megginson, Clutterbuck, Garvey, Stokes & Garrett-Harris

Wide-ranging collection of case studies of mentoring programmes

Beyond goals
Susan David, David Clutterbuck & David Megginson

How important is it for coaches and mentors to work with SMART goals? This evidence-based book, with contributions from leading authorities from the worlds of coaching, mentoring, goal theory and motivational theory, reveals that setting, pursuing and achieving goals is much more complex than simplistic models, such as GROW suggest. It provides a comprehensive and deep perspective on the nature and role of goals in coaching and mentoring, along with practical guidance on how to work with indeterminate and evolving goals.

Other recommended mentoring and coaching books

Leadership Team Coaching, Peter Hawkins
The case for coaching, Jarvis, Lane and Fillery-Travis
Coaching, Mentoring and Organizational Consultancy, Peter Hawkins & Nick Smith
Coaching and Mentoring: Theory and Practice, Garvey, Stokes & Megginson
Creating a coaching culture, Peter Hawkins
The hidden history of coaching, Leni Wildflower
Coaching to the Human Soul, vols 1 & 2, Alan Seiler
The Psychology of Coaching, Mentoring & Learning, Law, Irekand & Hussain
Evidence-based Coaching Handbook, Stober & Grant
Time to think, Nancy Kline
How to be a mentor for disadvantaged and marginalised people, Tom Thinggaard Pedersen
A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about coaching and mentoring, Bob Garvey
The Handbook of Knowledge-based Coaching, Wildflower & Brennan
Don’t just do something, sit there, Bob Thomson
Mentoring: A Henley Review of Best Practice by Jane Cranwell-Ward, Patricia Bossons and Sue Gover
Coaching for Performance: GROWing Human Potential and Purpose – The Principles and Practice of Coaching and Leadership…John Whitmore