Line manager as coach

This programme is aimed at line managers, who want to become more proficient as coaches either for their own team and/or for other people in their organizations. It consists of two days initial intensive workshop, and either webinar-based or face-to-face group supervision (four or two sessions respectively, equivalent to one day in total) over a 12-month period. Participants who wish to can submit a learning log and a 2,000-word dissertation to achieve a certificate at Foundation level.

The initial workshop reflects current research into what does and doesn’t work. The core content includes:

  • The business case for coaching
  • Key concepts in coaching (Note: while we introduce simplistic models, such as GROW, participants are encouraged to move well beyond these)
  • Skills fundamentals: including advanced listening, advanced questioning, giving feedback, observation, using metaphor and analogy
  • Engaging the whole team in the coaching process (from doing coaching to, to coaching with)
  • Embedding coaching in key team processes (performance management, planning, project management, co-development)
  • Measuring the quality of coaching
  • Your personal development plan as a coach

Team coaching

This intensive suite of programmes aims at enabling experienced one-to-one coaches to make the transition to team coaching. Much of what is described as team coaching is noting of the sort – it is either not coaching (being team building, team facilitation or consultancy), or it does not work with the team as a whole, together. Team coaching is a complex, demanding role. This programme builds upon the books and further research of the two leading experts in the field, David Clutterbuck and Peter Hawkins.

The programme can be configured in several ways, but the most recommended options are:

  • A two-day introductory workshop, aimed at coaches, who simply want to understand the basics
  • A certificate level programme, consisting of:
    • A three-day intensive initial workshop, focused on theory and technique
    • Team Coaching Practice in pairs, on real clients, with peer feedback.
    • Small group supervision sessions over a period of 6-9 months
    • Reflective activities by participants: learning log, writing up a case study, developing their own “brochure” to internal and external clients.
    • A final two-day event to include:
    • Presentation of learning and case studies, in pairs
    • A diploma level programme, similar to the certificate programme, but involving four classroom modules of three days each, spread over 12 months

Creating coaching cultures in the team

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Development centres to support CPD of internal coaches

Internal coaches are usually capable of developing their skills to a similar level as that of externally resourced coaches. However, a frequent problem is that they lose interest, if they do not feel they are continuing to develop their skills. In this programme, we invite internal coaches to attend a one-day development centre, in which they undergo an assessment process similar to that used in selecting external coaches. The process looks at their skills, their coaching mindset and philosophy, and their overall capability as a coach. The outcome of the development centre for each participant is a  coaching personal development plan – a set of learning objectives and a pathway for achieving them over the next 12 months.

During the 12 month period, coaches are offered supervision, a series of targeted webinars with coaching subject experts and opportunities for peer learning, within an action learning format. An important element of the package is that only the first two action learning set meetings are facilitated – the participants are expected to take over the process from then on.

At the end of 12 months, participants return for a learning review and a shorter development centre. The aim of this day is to help them recognize and consolidate their learning, and to give them additional content for the next phase of their learning journey as a coach.

Advanced techniques workshop

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Work-life balance

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